What is the Process for Harvesting Timber in Illinois?

From First Appraisal to Final Sale: Our Timber Harvesting Process

Timber harvesting entails more than cutting down trees! The process is extensive and starts from the moment Walnut Timber Buyers first step onto your land. We believe in making timber sales and purchases more streamlined for the landowners, sawmills and importers involved. However, most crucially, we wish to assist you throughout your first timber sale and give you an idea of how Walnut Timber Buyers’ entire process works!

What is the Process for Harvesting Timber in Illinois?

Step one. Initial Discussion

When you first call Walnut Timber Buyers, we attempt to get a variety of information from you to determine the viability of your land for successful timber harvesting. We will ask questions about the size of your property, what the land is used for, the species of trees on it, the quantity and quality of timber, etc. Because timber harvesting can be a time-consuming and expensive process, we want to ensure there is potential value in your property’s timber before moving on to the next steps. For example, we established 20 mature trees as our project minimum to ensure the sales potential is worthwhile for all parties involved.

What is the Process for Harvesting Timber in Illinois?

Step two. Free Appraisal

Once we’ve established your property as a viable target for timber harvesting, we get to work! However, before we cut down our first tree, we appraise the quality of your timber. Walnut Timber Buyers employs timber appraisal professionals who are well-versed in the conditions and qualities of timber that make them the most valuable. During your timber appraisal, our tree experts first determine the boundaries of your land to ensure no trees are accidentally taken from or felled onto neighboring lots. After establishing boundaries, we mark your property’s most valuable trees, considering factors such as:

  • Species
  • Diameter
  • Merchantable Height
  • Age
  • Blemishes (Knots, Seams, Decay)
  • Location

Selecting the most valuable, mature trees and leaving younger timber to continue growing for future harvests is known as the Select Harvest Method. Select Harvesting is more environmentally friendly, ensures your trees are accurately valued, and opens the door for future harvesting opportunities.

Step three. Logging Services

After appraisal, Walnut Timber Buyers’ loggers return at a specified date to begin harvesting the trees from your land. We utilize a wide variety of trucks and equipment that both streamline and make safer the entirety of the harvesting process. Once double checking for properly established boundaries and marked trees, we begin to fell your timber, being careful to avoid trees falling in creeks, streams or over property lines. Additionally, our team will build and grade roads throughout your timber and cut up the tops of trees. We take these steps to help minimize our environmental footprint, overall preserving the quality of your land.

What is the Process for Harvesting Timber in Illinois?

Step four. Finding a Buyer

Once your trees are cut and neatly organized, we find a buyer! Walnut Timber Buyers partners with many sawmills and importers, all willing to pay top dollar for the highest quality timber. We cross-reference current market values versus what our buyers can afford and find a buyer who will pay the best price. Our unique appraisal, logging and sales process ensures our clients always receive the maximum dollar amount for their trees. Afterward, all that’s left to do is settle up and begin processing your wood!

What is the Process for Harvesting Timber in Illinois?

Step five. Payout and Log Removal

After finding the best possible price for your timber, we pay you on the spot! There’s no having to wait for a sale to go through or additional steps to be taken; the remainder of the work is up to Walnut Timber Buyer’s team. Once you are paid in full, we carefully remove all forest products from your land, ensuring no mess is left behind by our crews. Your logs will be transported to their buyers or a local sawmill, where they will be further processed.

Let Walnut Timber Buyers Assist

Without companies like Walnut Timber Buyers, every step of our timber harvesting process would need to be individually managed and organized by the landowner. By hiring Walnut Timber Buyers, you take the guesswork and third parties out of the equation. Doing so will make your timber sale significantly less time-consuming, and your profit won’t be split between multiple companies. If you are interested in Walnut Timber Buyers’ full-service timber harvesting, contact us at 309-316-7966.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.