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We are an industrial logging contractor that buys marketable timber stands from farms and hunting properties.

Walnut Timber Buyers

Walnut Timber Buyers

Illinois Premier Logging Contractor

Why Choose Walnut Timber Buyers

Walnut Timber Buyers is a family owned and operated logging contractor that serves nearly all of Illinois and Central/Eastern, Missouri. We are select harvesters of marketable timber stands. Our primary clients are farmers, hunters, and recreational landowners. We pride ourselves in paying landowners a premium for their marketable trees.

Walnut Timber Buyers understands that the decision to log your farm or recreational hunting land is one of the biggest financial decisions you make regarding your property. That is why we are constantly striving to be industry leaders.

The WTB Advantage:

  • Logging equipment
  • Technology
  • Logging practices
  • Payment security

Drawing on a large team with a combined 50 years of experience, we have the tools, knowledge, industry connections, and manpower to log the job the right way and insure you are paid top market prices for your trees. Have your timber logged with confidence knowing that it will be done by an experienced outfit with high standards.

Do you have money sitting in your forest?

Walnut Timber Buyers’ unique appraisal process prices every marketable tree on your property individually. We have a die hard approach standing timber appraisals in which we walk every inch of your property and visually inspect every marketable tree for grade so that there is no guess work in the determination of the value of your timber.

Our diverse domestic and foreign export clients allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of the market and obtain the highest prices for standing timber products in the current marketplace.

Selective Harvesting Benefits:

  • Select harvest ensures landowners are paid the most money for the fewest trees.
  • Only harvests the mature marketable trees.
  • Opens canopy space to encourage growth for up and coming trees.
  • Unmarketable treetops are converted to animal habitat.
  • Professional logging roads improve accessibility across your property.

What We Buy

  • We buy marketable timber from farms and hunting properties.
  • With a minimum project size of 20 or more mature trees.
  • Please contact your local tree service for residential areas and smaller projects.

Although Walnut Timber Buyers is our name, we purchase more than just walnut timber. Our team can provide expert appraisals and professional logging services for all of the marketable standing timber species on your property. We pay top market prices for standing walnut, white oak, red oak, hickory, ash, maple and more! Find out what your trees are worth by contacting Walnut Timber Buyers today.

We Pay Top Dollar For Your Timber!

Our Service Areas

Walnut Timber Buyers operates within a 300 mile radius of our facilities in Beardstown, IL. This allows us to purchase standing timber and cut logs in most of Illinois as well as Central and Eastern Missouri. Logistical realities can change due to fuel prices and general operating costs so please inquire with a Walnut Timber Buyers team member to determine if your project is indeed within our service area.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Most landowners are not aware they have walnut trees. Those that do receive offers for much less than the going rate from other logging companies!

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.