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Walnut Timber Buyers is a family-owned and operated industrial logging company based in West Central Illinois. Our team of hardworking buyers and loggers tackle some of the largest logging projects in the Midwest and strive to deliver unparalleled pricing, service, and transparency. Below are some frequently asked questions that we have run into over the years from our many clients.

How many trees do we need to do business?

Transportation is a limiting factor for us, and as such, we need at least one full semi load to do business. That translates to roughly twenty trees or 3500 board feet of logs. Walnut Timber Buyers can appraise projects of roughly 20 trees or more.

Do we buy more than just walnut trees?

Our name may be Walnut Timber Buyers, but we have excellent, competitive markets for any and all species of hardwood trees that are currently marketable.

What trees are the most valuable?

Walnut trees are by far the most valuable species in North America. However, white oak can be very profitable to log and is the second most valuable tree we routinely harvest. Beyond those two, red oak, hickory, cherry, hard maple, and the other assorted hardwoods are all worth cutting in addition to walnut and white oak. The price for those assorted hardwoods generally trails behind white oak. Please call anytime at 217-501-1276 to inquire about detailed and accurate market pricing for any of the above species.

What size of tree does Walnut Timber Buyers purchase?

For walnut trees, the smallest tree that is considered marketable would be 16 inches in diameter, measured about four feet from the ground. Any walnut 16” and up is marketable. For oak species, the smallest marketable size would be about 18” in diameter, measured 4 ft from the ground.

What time of the year can my property be appraised and/or logged?

We appraise and harvest timber year-round as long as the weather permits.

Are there any costs associated with the standing timber appraisal?

Standing timber appraisals is a service that WTB is proud to offer free of charge. We need to understand what forest products you have on your property just as much as you deserve to know what forest products you have and what they are worth in the current marketplace.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.