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Buy Walnut Timber Cass County IL

A tall walnut tree ready to be cut down by Walnut Timber Buyers in Illinois

Who Will Buy Walnut Timber in Cass County IL?

Walnut Timber Buyers can help if you’re looking for someone who will buy walnut timber in Cass County IL. Schedule a free appraisal with one of our licensed timber buyers now by calling 309-369-9524.

Our local family-owned company specializes in buying white oak and walnut timber. We pay top dollar for both standing timber and cut logs and incorporate all parts of a timber sale in our full sales process. So, we cut out the middleman and pay you direct prices. For that reason, we know we can offer you more money than our competition. We use a unique appraisal process and eco-friendly logging practices. Then, we log your timber into our technology to take advantage of our large network of foreign and domestic markets. Finally, we get you the absolute best price for what the current market will pay for each of your mature walnut trees.

Our fast and easy 3-step process will let you know just how much money is sitting in your forest. Contact us now to get started with a free appraisal with one of our experienced timber buyers.

We Help You with Forest Management

When we buy walnut timber in Cass County IL, we help landowners with their forest management plans. We use select harvesting during our logging process. That means that we will only harvest mature walnut trees that need to be removed for the future health of your forest. Therefore, we can get you top dollar for your timber and the following benefits:

  • Reduced overcrowding in the forest
  • Creation and maintenance of wildlife habitats
  • Salvage of damaged trees
  • Improved health and vigor for your forest
  • Prevention of forestry growing into designated recreational areas

During the logging phase, we ensure that trees will not fall into rivers and streams running on your land. Most importantly, we will build and grade roads throughout wooded areas and cut treetops to reduce our footprint during cleanup. As a result, your forest will stay looking beautiful and grow strong when we leave.

A downed tree for a saw mill that wants to Buy Walnut Timber in Cass County IL

Enjoy Hassle-Free Payment Processes

Walnut Timber Buys makes it fast and simple to get paid when we buy walnut timber in Cass County IL. Furthermore, we create all contracts to protect the best interests of landowners. As a result, we can provide you with a written copy of all agreements. Then, we guarantee that you will receive full payment before any of your timber ever leaves your land. Not all timber buyers are alike. We feel our experience, eco-friendly logging, and easy payout processes provide you with more value. For your convenience, we do everything we can to take care of you and your property with hassle-free processes.

Contact Us to Buy Walnut Timber in Cass County IL

Right now, Walnut Timber Buyers wants to buy walnut timber in Cass County IL. Now is a great time to take advantage of some of the best prices on the timber market. Act fast and give us a call today at 309-369-9524 or contact us online. We will send out one of our experienced and licensed timber buyers to give you a free appraisal. They will tell you the best price for each of your mature white oak and walnut trees. Not all timber buyers are alike, so trust only Walnut Timber Buyers for the biggest payday.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.