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We are an industrial logging contractor that buys marketable timber stands from farms and hunting properties.

Buy Walnut Timber Morgan County IL

A stack of logs ready to be milled shows how Walnut Timber Buyers helps you buy Walnut Timber in Morgan County IL

How to Buy Walnut Timber in Morgan County IL

The walnut timber found across Illinois and much of the Midwest is beautiful and structurally strong. It also creates the pleasing look, feel, and function of a fine quality wood for nearly any construction project. You also need to be able to trust you’re purchasing a quality wood when you choose to buy walnut timber in Morgan County, IL. That’s where Walnut Timber Buyers has you covered.

The Walnut Timber Buyers Process

With over thirty years of experience, our crew of skilled and licensed loggers has been harvesting the best timber Central Illinois has to offer. We have an ample selection of great walnut cut logs. We also run our own sawmill, so we also have all the processed walnut timber products you need. Being on both ends of the timber trade allows us to connect with multiple markets and shop for the best pricing. Best of all, we pass that savings on to you. You can rest assured you aren’t just buying from a company that merely buys timber and resells it at a markup. Rather, we are a family-run business that is committed to adding value to any material we buy and sell.

At Walnut Timber Buyers, we don’t just sell and mill timber, either. We also harvest timber ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about whether we are passing along the markup of middlemen. There simply isn’t any markup. Operating our own mill also allows us to control quality and waste. You are only paying for the high-quality product you head home with. You will never have to question whether you made the right choice when you choose Walnut Timber Buyers as your source to buy walnut timber.

Our Hardwood Market

In addition to the work we do in Illinois, Walnut Timber Buyers has a competitive market across Central and Eastern Missouri, Southern Wisconsin, and Eastern Iowa as well. We also are willing to purchase and process a variety of hardwood trees, such as white oak, red oak, hickory, cherry, and hard maple as well as walnut. In short, you can trust you will have the highest quality hardwoods from the Midwest to choose for your needs.

An importer and staff at Walnut Timber Buyers shake hands to buy Walnut Timber in Morgan County IL

Get in Touch to Buy Walnut Timber in Morgan County IL

When you’re looking to buy walnut timber in Morgan County IL, call Walnut Timber Buyers. Don’t be afraid to ask us about our process or explore our frequently asked questions for additional details. If you’re ready for a quote to buy, call us at 309-204-9325 for details.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.