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Hardwood Log Supplier

Piled up timber marked by Walnut Timber Buyers

The Area’s Trusted Hardwood Log Supplier

Walnut Timber Buyers is Central Illinois’ trusted hardwood log supplier. Because we understand the value of good working relationships, we consistently strive to create long-lasting business partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Rest easy knowing we arrange trucking, fumigation, and rail services, something we as a family-owned company take great pride in. Plus, we provide container loading services at our professionally managed concentration yards. Buying and selling cut logs, we cater to landowners, loggers and importers. As one of the premiere harvesters of high-grade hardwood trees, we specialize in walnut and white oak with the ability to export high-grade veneer, table tops, and sawlogs. If you need a hardwood log supplier or are a log supplier and want to sell, email us today.

We Treat You Right

We treat our loggers, importers and landowners right. Our goal is to make purchasing logs from us as straightforward as possible. Thus, we have invested in streamlining our logistics from the yard to the rail. Not only do we arrange our trucking, but we also write checks or do in-field wire transfers so you can get paid the same day that we bid on your logs.

FYI: Direct rail services coming late 2020 early 2021!

We are always looking for log suppliers and importers to partner with. We would be happy to set up a time for you to visit one of our concentration yards. With us, you get:

  • No Middleman
  • Minimum Footprint
  • Maximum Profit

Why Come to Us?

If you are a log supplier and want to sell your walnut timber to us, we want to hear from you. We believe suppliers work hard and should be paid a fair market price for their products. Get a bid from Walnut Timber Buyers today, where we offer the following benefits and more:

  • Payment on the same day that we bid on your logs
  • Attention to detail
  • Prompt payment
  • Friendly service
  • Quick, seamless process
  • 30 years of experience
  • Family-owned business
  • Proven reputation
A freshly cut walnut log, cut by a Hardwood Log Supplier in Illinois

We Want Suppliers!

As you can tell from the above, there are several reasons why you should work with us. Suppliers: we need you! Check out our service area, where we purchase walnut timber all over Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa.

We offer timber cutters direct exporting prices for walnut and white oak logs, with no need to break up log piles. Built on a foundation of competitive pricing, we provide everything from the highest quality veneer and table top logs to tree and saw logs, approaching the process with straightforward simplicity. Indeed, we grade and scale every log and pay you what each is worth.

Contact Walnut Timber Buyers

To learn more about our hardwood log supplier, contact us today at 309-369-9524. We would be happy to schedule an appraisal and tell you more about our company and what we offer. Also, we are located at 8727 Arenzville Rd, Beardstown, IL 62618.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.