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Hardwood Lumber Exporter

A large stack of walnut timber in Illinois, organized by Walnut Timber Buyers

Walnut & White Oak Prized by Your Local Hardwood Lumber Exporter

If you’re like many area landowners, you may have walnut or white oak trees growing on your land. Some property owners may not even realize they have “more than a few.”

If you do have walnut trees, you might be surprised that they could be worth something to a hardwood lumber exporter, which will gladly harvest them for you and pay you top dollar.

Walnut wood, especially black walnut wood, is popular in a variety of products, including furnishing. This type of hardwood is especially prized by international clients who don’t have easy access to walnut since it only grows in parts of North America.

That’s part of the business plan for Walnut Timber Buyers, which, for more than 30 years, has been buying and harvesting standing timber and cut logs, especially walnut and white oak veneer.

The father-and-son company has put a quality team together that looks for mature walnut and white oak trees to purchase in the greater Illinois area. The timber owners are paid based on current prices for that type of wood, and then the timber is sold to buyers.

As a hardwood lumber exporter, Walnut Timber Buyers also makes sure to leave a minimum footprint when we come to harvest timber. This includes marking all trees to be collected and any property lines or boundaries. By doing this, we avoid cutting down the wrong trees or trespassing into a neighbor’s property.

We focus on cutting the treetops only so the tree can continue to grow and even allow harvests in the future. We also have an extensive post-harvest cleaning process that includes building and grading roads. Our loggers use the Select Harvesting process that provides more profit and less waste.

We also grade and scale every log we harvest, which makes the process more efficient down the line.

A recently cut down walnut tree, harvested by a Hardwood Lumber Exporter in Illinois

How to Get Started

Homeowners get some benefit out of selling their timber to a hardwood lumber exporter like Walnut Timber Buyers. First, they’ll receive top dollar.

We also feel it’s crucial to eliminate the middleman and offer homeowners a fair price for their timber based on current market conditions for this type of wood. Some homeowners may have been offered lower value for their timber in the past and declined. We’ll even share our calculations about how we reached that figure in our appraisal using real-time data.

We partner with a variety of importers and sawmills, which can let us know the current value for your timber.

Getting some trees removed will help the health of the surrounding forest. It can help thin the area, which can promote future growth. Because we leave property owners a road when we leave, it can make it easy for future visits and harvests.

For more information about selling your timber, you can make an appointment for a free appraisal by calling 309-369-9524. Also, you can visit our office in Beardstown, IL, at 8727 Arenzville Road.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.