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Logging Contractor Davenport IA

A walnut tree farm in Davenport IA

A Logging Contractor for Davenport IA That Does it All

If you’ve ever looked into having timber cleared off your land and sold for a profit, you know it can be quite the ordeal to plan. Between having someone evaluate your timber to calling to having it properly harvested, it takes a lot to sell your timber. The good news is, however, that you don’t need to do all this by yourself. With the help of a logging contractor for Davenport IA, your timber sale can be made easy. Rely on the team at Walnut Timber Buyers for the guidance you need.

Walnut Timber Buyers is a family-owned and operated business with years of experience in the timber industry. We handle all facets of your timber sale and do so in a way that gets you maximum profit. From our logging team to our connections with lumber mills and exporters, we can be your one-stop-shop for selling valuable walnut and oak trees on your property.

How Our Timber Process Works

From the moment you call us to when we’re finally hauling your sold timber off your property, we put into place a detailed process. Our process is meant to provide you the most convenience and make selling your timber as simple as can be.

  • First – We Evaluate
    • Upon our arrival at your property, we get to work evaluating your available timber to determine which trees are the most valuable. In a process, we call “Selective Harvesting,” we only pick the most valuable trees to harvest and sell. Moreover, this allows other trees more room to grow, preparing for another harvest later down the line.
  • Second – We Harvest
    • Once we’ve marked the most valuable trees for harvest, we get to work cutting. Our logging process is carefully implemented so as not to cause harm to your or neighboring property. Furthermore, we fell trees in a manner avoiding creeks, streams and other obstacles. And after trees are cut and organized, we build and grade roads for future transport while also cutting the tops of trees to reduce our footprint.
  • Third – We Sell
    • Finally, once your timber is cut and organized, we seek out buyers willing to pay the most for your logs. Our numerous connections in the timber industry and knowledge of current market prices allow us some flexibility. We work to always choose the best buyers for your wood. And when the best buyer is selected, we pay you directly before a single tree is hauled away.
Logging Contractor for Davenport IA collecting cut logs in a forest

The Walnut Timber Buyers Difference

At Walnut Timber Buyers, we work diligently to be the best logging contractor for Davenport IA and throughout the state. For our team, it’s all about making the timber sale process convenient and straightforward to navigate. Instead of having to worry about who’s going to evaluate your wood, who’s going to cut it down and who’s going to sell it, we take care of it all. We aim to be the only company you need to call when looking to sell your walnut or oak trees.

Give Us a Call

When you need a logging contractor for Davenport IA, you know you can count on Walnut Timber Buyers to handle the rest. Call us today at 309-369-9524 to schedule an appraisal and get the process started. Also, we are located at 8727 Arenzville Rd, Beardstown, IL 62618.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.