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Sell Walnut Wood Pike County IL

Three trees after being pulled by one of Walnut Timber Buyers' tractors

Where Can I Sell Walnut Wood in Pike County IL?

Walnut Timber Buyers licensed professionals can help you find buyers when you want to sell walnut wood in Pike County IL. Our quick and stress-free appraisal and logging process provides you with accurate pricing and keeps your land beautiful. In fact, our select harvesting process minimizes our footprint and prevents felled timber from damaging your property. Finally, we use relationships we have with foreign and domestic importers to find a buyer for your walnut wood. As a result, we can get you the best price when you want to sell walnut wood in Pike County IL.

Our local, family-operated company uses generations of experience and licensed professionals to help you identify and sell your most valuable timber. Over the last 30 years, our company has helped landowners throughout Illinois earn the biggest possible payout for white oak and walnut wood. Property owners love the convenience of working with us. Since we are loggers who also offer appraisals and find the best buyers, we can serve as one source for all your timber sales needs. To arrange for a free evaluation of your trees, contact us today.

Make Money Maintaining Your Woodlands

There are many benefits to calling Walnut Timber Buyers for help when you want to sell walnut wood in Pike County IL. In addition to earning some extra money, you can better maintain your forest by clearing out mature trees. Please continue reading to learn some of the advantages you get by working with Walnut Timber Buyers.

Make Room for Young Trees

You may need to remove overgrown, mature trees to help other vegetation and younger trees healthy. Older trees can stifle the growth of other plants and trees on your land by taking up space, sunlight, and water. So, you can improve the health of your forest with our select harvesting that only targets trees you need to clear anyway.

Settle Property Disputes

Felling trees can help if you have a neighbor arguing with you over property boundaries. Our loggers can harvest any trees with branches hanging over neighboring property or causing arguments. That way, you can clear up where your land ends and neighboring land begins.

Eliminate Property Hazards

Large walnut trees can become a safety hazard on your property if they continue growing too close to buildings on your land. For example, root systems from large trees can clog or damage sewer lines. Plus, storms can send heavy branches from your trees through the roof or walls of your home, garage, or other structures. However, you can avoid those sorts of problems by using our select harvesting method to rid your property of trees that endanger your buildings. Make sure to give us a call if you need to clear trees and sell walnut wood in Pike County IL.

Earn Extra Income

Prices on essentials of daily life such as gas, electricity, and groceries continue to rise. If you are feeling the pinch, you may need to start looking at ways you can earn more money. However, many landowners like you do not know just how valuable your land and trees on it can be. So, you need a partner who can help you identify and properly price timber when you want to sell walnut wood in Pike County IL. After all, some companies without licensed professionals may try to take advantage of you by offering you less money than what your wood is worth. With Walnut Timber Buyers, you can feel confident we will help you get the best possible payout for your timber.

Logger measuring cut log to Sell Walnut Wood in Pike County IL

Contact Us to Help Sell Walnut Wood

Walnut Timber Buyers licensed professionals offer many helpful services when you want to sell walnut wood in Pike County IL. For starters, we can help you identify the most valuable trees on your land and just how much they are worth. Let our logging company provide you with all the services you need in the timber sales process. We will clear your timber, clean up afterwards, and make sure you get paid before any wood leaves your property. Give us a call now at 309-369-9524 or contact us online for a free appraisal of your trees.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.