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Standing Timber Missouri

Truck transporting previously cut Standing Timber in Missouri

Looking to Sell Standing Timber in Missouri? Count on Walnut Timber Buyers!

Buying and selling timber in Missouri and throughout the Midwest can be a simplified process with the right help. Depending on the type, quality and quantity of your standing timber in Missouri, you could be looking at a significant payday. And with help from a company like Walnut Timber Buyers, we can ensure you get max value for your wood with relative ease!

What You Need to Know About Standing Timber

Every timber sale varies. Not to mention the unpredictability of the timber market, contributing factors can quickly add confusion to selling quality wood. Thankfully, Walnut Timber Buyers has dealt with various sales, giving us confidence we can guide you towards a successful one, yourself.

  • Types of Timber
    • Not just any tree will do! Sawmills and timber buyers often look for specific types of wood they can get the best prices for. And as our name implies, Walnut Timber Buyers focuses on harvesting and selling walnut wood (also white oak veneer). There are specific ways you can identify what the tree types on your property are, but if unsure, allow our team of experts to see what your land can offer.
  • The Quality of Timber
    • Even if you have walnut wood on your property, its value can drastically change based on the quality of the tree. For example, your walnut tree can either be veneer or timber quality. There can be little to no defects for it to be veneer, including knots, cracks, mineral streaks, holes, and more. Additionally, the larger the tree, the higher its value. Timber, on the other hand, might have more defects, thus not being worth as much.
  • The Volume of Timber
    • If you have large areas of land with plentiful standing timber in Missouri, you’re in luck! While we help landowners make a significant profit off the timber they sell, we also have to ensure harvesting off your land is worthwhile. Otherwise, if there are only one or two worthwhile trees on your land, it’s not worth making the trip out to harvest. If selling single trees, there are tree removal services that can best assist you.
Loggers using equipment to move logs after cutting Standing Timber in Missouri

Your One-Stop-Shop

Walnut Timber Buyers looks to provide you with guidance, no matter what step of the timber sale process you’re at. From evaluating wood to transforming your trees into lumber, we have the teams, machinery and expertise you need. We represent landowners looking to sell their trees, loggers looking to offload cut logs, and importers looking for a steady supply of fresh timber.

Call Today

When looking to make a tidy sum from your standing timber in Missouri, count on the professionals at Walnut Timber Buyers to lend a hand. You can contact us today at 309-369-9524 or schedule an appraisal online. Also, our Missouri office is located at 600 Delaware St, Louisiana, MO 63353.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.