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Timber Harvester IL

A walnut tree in IL standing in an open field

Make a Cut and Earn a Buck with the Help of Timber Harvesters

If you own a large acreage of wooded land, you might be in luck! In Illinois, there’s a good chance you could be sitting on a large quantity of oak or walnut trees. Moreover, with the right timber harvester in IL, you can quickly turn the standing trees on your property into profit. To get started on your next money-making venture, you need help from the professionals at Walnut Timber Buyers.

As the market leaders of timber buying, selling and logging for the last 30 years running, Walnut Timber Buyers has grown to serve the Illinois and Missouri areas. We’ll sell your cut timber, or help you harvest and sell the trees standing on your land. As a family-owned business, we work to ensure you get the best experience possible, and the most value from your timber.

How We Harvest

We are detail oriented when it comes to harvesting your timber. Our tree experts work to select the best potential lumber for sale and find the sellers willing to pay the most for it.

  • Inspection – Each tree on your land goes through a thorough inspection to ensure it is ready or in good enough shape to harvest. We consider factors such as health, age, height and width.
  • Marking – After we select what trees will fetch the highest price, we mark them for removal. We also mark off the area we plan on working in and any property boundaries.
  • Cutting – Next, we carefully cut each tree down, making sure they don’t fall over property lines or into creeks or streams.
  • Moving – Each cut tree is then transported via graded roads we create into neatly organized piles. At this point, we tally your trees and make sure all were harvested.
  • Cleaning – Finally, we go back to the site of harvesting, and do a complete clean-up. The purpose of our cleaning is to make our environmental footprint have as little an impact as possible.
A Timber Harvester in IL inspecting the quality of recently cut logs

Save You Time and Stress

There’s a lot that can go into logging and selling trees, so as professional timber harvesters in IL, we take the load off for you. We supply all the manpower and equipment necessary to collect your trees. Additionally, we have compiled a comprehensive list of importers and sawmills, which allows us to find you the best possible sale for your wood.

Give Us a Call

Next time you want to make some space on your property and get some money while doing it, give the top harvesters in IL a call. You can contact Walnut Timber Buyers today at 309-369-9524. We serve Illinois and Missouri. Also, we are located at 8727 Arenzville Rd. Beardstown, IL 62618.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.