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Timber Harvesting Cass County IL

Wheel loader carries lumber, illustrating Timber Harvesting Cass County IL

The Benefits of Timber Harvesting in Cass County IL

Timber harvesting can be an important environmental land management tool for farmers and landowners. Within the carbon cycle, carbon is removed from the atmosphere and stored in trees. When timber is harvested, carbon is then stored in its lumber and can be used as an energy source. Harvesting timber also reduces the risk of wildfires, improves the health of your land by regrowing and continuously removing carbon from the atmosphere, and can make your land more resilient. Illinois land is also ripe with high-quality walnut and white oak trees that may be able to provide an added income to your property. In short, you may want to consider timber harvesting at your Cass County, IL property.

Making Money with Timber Harvesting

Walnut and white oak trees, which are native to Illinois, are great trees to consider for timber harvesting. These trees provide buyers with a high-grade wood for wood flooring and furniture making because they are durable, dense, and long-lasting. This fact is why craftsmen and manufacturers are willing to pay top dollar for the lumber. As you consider timber harvesting in Cass County, IL for ecological purposes, you may also be able to make money with the help of Walnut Timber Buyers.

Walnut Timber Buyers has long-lasting business partnerships with buyers who are looking for this top-quality wood. We offer a free appraisal to determine whether your trees will meet the needs of our buyers. We’ll walk your land, mark and measure your trees, then tell you what your timber is worth. If you choose to move forward with your estimate, we’ll begin logging. We always ensure your timber remains in great condition, and we work to keep your land staying healthy and at its best. Finally, you’ll end up with a paycheck in your hand before the wood leaves your land. We always offer a maximum payout when your timber is in its peak condition.

cut logs sitting below trees illustrates Timber Harvesting Cass County IL

Keeping Your Land Healthy

Not only does harvesting trees keep your land in top condition, but Walnut Timber Buyers also provides a clean-up process that will ensure your land continues to thrive. When you work with us, we trim up your trees and build roads that keep your land full of life. Your experience with timber harvesting in Cass County, IL should be a positive, profitable one that will continue to help you profit down the road.

Schedule a Free Appraisal

Keep your land at its best and make money doing what’s good for your environment with timber harvesting. To see what this experience can do for your land and bottom line, schedule a free appraisal by calling Walnut Timber Buyers at 309-369-9524.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.