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Walnut Timber Buyer Iroquois County IL

Walnut Timber Buyer Iroquois County IL

What Questions Do I Ask a Walnut Timber Buyer in Iroquois County IL?

If you have never sold trees, you may wonder what you need to know when you consult with a walnut timber buyer in Iroquois County IL. What you do not know about logging, the timber market, and the value of your trees can cost you big time. So, it is important to find a partner with experience, knowledge, and marketing resources. That way, you can earn top dollar for your timber.

Walnut Timber Buyers offers you the chance to work with licensed timber buying professionals with 30 years of experience. In addition, you get an experienced logger that will keep your property beautiful after the harvest. Plus, we own a sawmill so we can offer you sawmill direct prices to bring a higher return for your wood. In fact, we can take care of all the logistics from transport to processing the walnut timber for you.

Contact us now to schedule a free appraisal of the trees on your property. Many landowners do not know the true value of their timber. We can provide you with accurate pricing.

How Much Is My Walnut Timber Worth?

You want to know that you are getting a fair price when you are dealing with a walnut timber buyer in Iroquois CountyCounty IL. For that reason, Walnut Timber Buyers always starts the process with a no-obligation, honest appraisal of your trees. One of our licensed timber buyers will walk through your forested lands. During that time, our licensed professional will mark and measure your premium hardwood. Then, we will provide you with an accurate price quote for your trees based on the latest prices on the timber market. Our process takes the guesswork out of the sale for you.

When Do I Get Paid for My Walnut Timber in Iroquois County County IL?

Our company understands you want to know when you can expect payment from a walnut timber buyer in Iroquois County IL. For that reason, Walnut Timber Buyers always provides landowners with a copy of the sales paperwork when requested. In addition, we make sure all our partners get paid for their walnut timber before any wood leaves the property. That way, you know exactly what to expect when it comes to payment terms with us.

Do You Clear Out All My Walnut Timber?

We understand some landowners get concerned that all their trees will get cut down when they speak with a walnut timber buyer in Iroquois County IL. However, Walnut Timber Buyers believes in a select harvesting process. What that means to you is that we identify only mature trees that make sense for you to sell. If you have never sold walnut timber, you may not know how to identify the best trees that will bring you the biggest payouts. Our licensed timber buyer can advise you one the best trees to sell and the prices you can get for them.

Walnut Timber Buyer Iriquois County IL

Do You Clean Up After the Logging Phase?

You want to make sure your land is in good hands when you deal with a walnut timber buyer in Iroquois County IL. After all, you do not need to sacrifice the beauty of your land when you decide to sell some of your walnut trees. First, we take care to mark trees to make sure there are no mistakes during the harvesting process. Then, we build roads during the logging phase to make a minimal footprint on your land. In addition, we cut treetops to keep your land healthy and beautiful.

Schedule an Appraisal

If you would like to know if you have valuable wood, schedule an appraisal with a licensed walnut timber buyer in Iroquois County IL. Walnut Timber Buyers can advise you on which trees are your most valuable and exactly how much they are worth. Use our online contact form or call
309-369-9524 to request an appraisal.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.