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Walnut Wood Buyers Iroquois County IL

A maching lifts logs after land was cleared thanks to a call to Walnut Wood Buyers in Iroquois County IL

The Most Competitive Walnut Wood Buyers Iroquois County IL Has

Landowners looking to profit off their woods want to make sure they are finding the best team of loggers. For years, Walnut Timber Buyers has been the premier walnut wood buyers in Iroquois county IL. Our accurate, reliable, and transparent process has put money in the hands of many landowners like you. We always leave our clients knowing they’ve gotten the most income possible. Our commitment to a customer centered process has paid off time and time again for people across the state of Illinois.

A Process that Pays

From our first contact with you, we want to make sure our clients know what they’re getting into. That’s why we offer free appraisals where we walk, mark, and measure your woods to give you an accurate estimate you can count on. While felling your timber our team will always make sure not to obstruct creeks or waterways so that your land remains as unaffected as possible. Before extraction we will plan out the route of least impact while trimming the timber we are to remove so it doesn’t damage remaining trees. And before we remove any of your timber, we always make sure you have payment in hand.

Furthermore, we have years of experience, over which we’ve built a deep network that allows us to know current market trends inside and out. We promise you’ll get the best price for your timber. In addition, we cut out middlemen by milling timber in our own sawmill. You’ll never have to worry about anyone eating away at your profits. Working with us ensures you’ll get the highest payout possible.

Work We Are Proud Of

Our team at Walnut Timber Buyers is proud to get the most for our clients. That pride shows in the gallery of work from our sawmill and logging teams. We’ve even made a video so you can see our teams in action. We know once you see the care we work with, you will want us to be your team.

A landowner shakes hands with us after calling for Walnut Wood Buyers in Iroquois County IL

Contact Us Today

Not only are Walnut Timber Buyers the premier walnut wood buyers in Iroquois county IL we also buy other timber. Check out our trees we buy guide so you can see what other woods we can help you turn to profit. We know you’ll be glad you chose Walnut Timber Buyers, so contact us today at 309-369-9524 for a free appraisal.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.