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Buying Timber Missouri

Large machinery for cutting timber to get to Buying Timber in Missouri

Buying Timber in Missouri? Find the Best Wood from Walnut Timber Buyers

Now, more than ever, lumber is reaching some of its highest prices yet! And while lumber shortages persist, timber value doesn’t seem to be changing in the near future. Thus, it’s crucial for those looking at buying timber in Missouri to find reliable sellers with high-quality wood and veneer. And for Missouri locals, you’re in luck: Walnut Timber Buyers can provide you with precisely the timber you require.

How We Support Buyers

Walnut Timber Buyers employs dozens of lumber experts to best assist with the sale or purchase of timber. Furthermore, we can provide you with the tools, resources and machinery necessary to make your sale or purchase of timber as successful as possible.

  • Sawmills
    • For those looking to purchase cut logs, Walnut Timber Buyers has you covered. We partner with sawmills throughout Missouri and the Midwest to provide our clients with improved products, pricing, logistics, and customer service. The lumber bought from our sawmills is quality veneer of the walnut or white oak variety, best suited to meet your high-grade hardwood needs.
  • Transportation
    • Whether going out to you or coming into one of our sawmills, we employ truck drivers throughout the state to meet the demands of those selling or buying timber in Missouri. For some, we understand the transportation of timber can be challenging to work out. Thus, we take it upon ourselves to provide the trucks and teams necessary for quickly moving large amounts of logs.
  • Pricing Experts
    • The Walnut Timber Buyers team stays up to date on the latest prices in the lumber industry. With timber costs constantly fluctuating, we take it upon ourselves to connect with other buyers, sawmills and importers to determine the best value for wood. Furthermore, we employ appraisal experts to determine the value of a tree, whether standing or cut.

How Else Can We Help?

Walnut Timber Buyers doesn’t only assist those looking to purchase timber; we involve ourselves with all parties of a timber sale. For landowners looking to sell, we provide appraisal and harvesting services. And for loggers wanting to offload logs, we buy and process cut logs throughout the Midwest. No matter where you are or what your capabilities are, Walnut Timber Buyers sets out to provide you with the teams, equipment and machinery necessary to complete a successful timber sale.

Truck transporting logs through forest for Buying Timber in Missouri

Learn More

Buying timber in Missouri doesn’t have to be a complicated process. As long as you have help from the right logging contractors, like Walnut Timber Buyers, you’re sure to find precisely what you need. To learn more about our logging services, call us today at 309-369-9524. Also, our Missouri office is located at 600 Delaware St, Louisiana, MO 63353.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.