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Loggers Kankakee IL

Marked trees ready to be sold by Walnut Timber Buyers in Illinois

The Best Way to Sell Trees to Loggers in Kankakee IL

Walnut Timber Buyers makes the process easy from start to finish when you want to sell trees to loggers in Kankakee IL. First, we provide you with a free appraisal of your timber. However, we want to make sure that your woodlands are a good fit for our services. Our team would like to work with you on your timber sale if your lands meet the following criteria:

  • You own 20 or more mature trees that you would like to sell.
  • All your trees are healthy with no signs of rot, illness, or damage.
  • Walnut trees you own have grown to more than 16 inches in diameter.
  • The oak trees you want to sell have grown to more than 18 inches in diameter.

Our logging contractors use select harvesting, clearing only mature trees to keep your lands healthy and beautiful. Plus, our logging service offers all the logistics you need for your timber sale. We handle harvesting, marketing and transportation of your wood products. Also, you get paid before wood leaves your property. Contact us for an appraisal.

What Kinds of Trees Can I Sell to Loggers in Kankakee IL?

That is an excellent question. Walnut Timber Buyers focuses on timber sales involving specific types of premium hardwoods. These are the most valuable types of trees that will earn you the biggest payday. Please contact us if you own 20 or more trees that you would like to sell if they are the following:

What to Expect During Timber Harvesting

If you have never sold trees, it is only natural to wonder how your land will be handled by loggers in Kankakee IL. Our logging company treats your land with respect and care. First, we mark the trees set for harvesting to separate them from the rest of your timber. That way, only mature trees that need to be cleared from your forest to make room for other plant life get harvested. Then, we make sure that harvested trees do not disturb any streams or other property when we are clearing them. Finally, we clean up after the harvest to make sure your land looks as beautiful when we leave as it did before the harvesting process.

When Do I Get Paid?

That is the most important question for most of our landowner partners. Walnut Timber Buyers provides honest and upfront services from our loggers in Kankakee IL. With that in mind, we make sure that you receive full payment for your timber before any logs leave your property. In addition, we create contracts with the best interests of landowners in mind.

Loggers in Kankakee IL loading logs to be pulled by a tractor

Contact Our Local Loggers

Walnut Timber Buyers provides you with complete support through the entire process when you sell trees to our loggers in Kankakee IL. Plus, it does not cost you a thing to let our timber buyers appraise your wood and provide you with a fair dollar value amount. So, get your timber sale started in the best possible way today! Email us to schedule your free appraisal. For any other information, you can also call us at 309-369-9524.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.