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Logging Company Illinois

A single felled walnut tree in Illinois

A Logging Company Illinois Has Confidence In

Don’t take a chance with a less reliable logging company. Illinois has loggers that claim to be the best, but there is only one that provides unmatched service and care for harvesting your trees: Walnut Timber Buyers.

At Walnut Timber Buyers, we value you and your property above all else. Our team of professional loggers carefully turn your trees into lumber, and make sure to get you the highest market value for what we harvest. Also, we don’t just service Illinois! We work in Missouri as well.

Questions About Our Process

Understandably, you may have concerns about the practices of our company based on how other loggers have treated you in the past. Rest assured, we are here to answer your questions and put your worries to bed.

How much do we take?

Our loggers are very particular about the trees they choose to fell. Through our Select Harvest method, we go through your land, pick out the trees that are at peak condition for collection and mark them for harvest.

Is there much clean-up involved?

For your part, you don’t have to clean up a thing. Our loggers work to ensure trees don’t fall into creeks, streams or onto neighboring property. Additionally, we cut up the tops of trees and carry the timber out through roads and grades we create to minimize our footprint.

How long do you have to wait before getting paid?

Our process for pricing the timber we take is fast and efficient. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine the maximum value of every tree. Furthermore, we won’t remove a single log from your land until you’re paid in full.

A Logging Company in Illinois marking trees to be cut down

Put Your Trust in Us

No other logging company Illinois has can compete with the professionalism of Walnut Timber Buyers. We are Illinois Licensed Timber Buyers with over 30 years of experience. As a father and son owned business, we understand the need to connect with our clients. When you go through Walnut Timber Buyers for your logging operations, you’ll be getting the most respected service around.

Give Walnut Timber Buyers a call today at 309-369-9524. We are located at 8727 Arenzville Rd. Beardstown, IL 62618.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.