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Loggers Muscatine IA

Loggers Muscatine IA

The Easy Way to Sell Timber to Loggers in Muscatine IA

Walnut Timber Buyers can guide you from start to finish when you want to sell trees to loggers in Muscatine IA. We provide a free timber appraisal from licensed timber buyers. Then, we provide you with the most accurate information on the value of your trees. Next, we provide services that locate interested buyers, send loggers to harvest the trees and transport timber away to their buyers or local sawmills. We want to partner with landowners who meet the following criteria:

  • Your forest includes 20 or more mature trees.
  • You own marketable hardwood trees such as ash, burr oak, silver maple, soft maple, white oak, red oak, black walnut, sugar maple, or hard maple.
  • The walnut trees in your forest have grown over 16 inches in diameter.
  • The white oak trees in your forest have grown over 18 inches in diameter.

Our licensed timber buyers work all year round. So, they can provide a free tree appraisal in any season. For more than 30 years, we have provided top-rated timber buying and logging services. Contact us to schedule your free appraisal.

Why Contract with Walnut Timber Buyers?

If you want to sell standing timber or cut logs, you will not find a better partner than Walnut Timber Buyers. Select Harvesting methods used by our loggers provide proper forestry management. Thus, we only clear mature trees. Consequently, the young trees in your woods get the space, water, sun, and nutrients needed to keep growing. With our loggers in Muscatine IA, you always receive these benefits:

  • Higher Payouts – Our licensed timber buyers will make sure you earn what your trees are worth in the current market. We use relationships we have built with a network of importers to create demand for the timber you want to sell. As a result, we help you create demand for your trees that drives up the price.
  • Sustainable Forestry Practices – You might not know that clearing mature trees is vital to keep your forest growing healthy and strong in the future. Overgrown mature trees leave no room for younger trees or other plant life to grow. Our select harvesting process carefully manages your forest to allow for its continued health for future generations.
  • Full-Service Logistics – You receive all the logistical services needed for timber harvesting and selling with our loggers in Muscatine IA. We provide all necessary transportation for the harvested timber. Most importantly, we make sure you receive full payment before taking any timber off your land.
Loggers Muscatine IA

Contact Top Loggers in Muscatine IA

Using Walnut Timber Buyers services is the easy way to make a timber sale to top-rated loggers in Muscatine IA. For over 30 years, we have partnered with landowners on fast and easy timber harvesting and selling contracts. Our licensed timber buyers will make sure you do not get undersold when selling standing timber or cut logs. Send us an email or call 309-369-9524 to get your free timber appraisal.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.