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Find Honest Logging Operations Illinois Landowners Rely On

The potential profit you can make when you log and sell timber can be incredible. Many landowners are unaware of the untapped potential their property has, with beautiful walnut timber ready to harvest. If you think you may be one of those landowners, call Walnut Timber Buyers today for our extensive logging operations. Illinois residents know when they need their timber harvested, they can trust our service. And we don’t just service Illinois! We work in Missouri as well.

What We Do

Before you go to other logging companies to see what they offer, understand that Walnut Timber Buyers works directly to benefit you. Our professional loggers are trained in identifying the right timber ready for harvest, and safely removing it from your land.

Before cutting begins, we find what trees are ready for harvest. Our assessment method ensures your timber continues to grow, and we can continue business with you for years to come.

Once we know what trees to take, we carefully fell only marked timber. We make sure everything is safely done, and no tree falls into creeks, streams or over property lines.

To minimize our footprint and preserve your land, we build grades and roads to carry lumber out. Additionally, we cut up the tops of trees, so no mess is left behind.

Finalize Payment
When it’s all said and done, we make sure you receive full payment before a single log leaves your property. We work to not take advantage of you by offering the maximum amount for your trees from our importers.

Logging Operations Illinois, logging operations, logging, loggers, logging company , logging services, transporting logs, transporting timber

The Walnut Timber Buyers Promise

Trees are one of the great resources of our nation. Whether to build our houses, furnish our homes or provide the air we breathe, we understand cutting lumber must be done with precision and care. That’s why Walnut Timber Buyers promises to put the preservation of your land above all else.

Our goal is to only take what is necessary and leave room for the continued growth of your land through our Select Harvest method. We respect you and your property and hope you can come to rely on Walnut Timber Buyers as your go-to company for logging operations Illinois can provide.

Call Us Today

No one has an appreciation for timber growth and harvesting more than the loggers at Walnut Timber Buyers. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 309-204-9325. We are located at 8727 Arenzville Rd. Beardstown, IL 62618.