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Walnut Log Buyers Illinois

Walnut Log Buyers in Illinois transporting logs out of a forest on a truck

Find Profit from Your Land with Walnut Log Buyers in Illinois

Do you own recreational property with a large amount of standing timber? Maybe you run a walnut tree farm and are looking for the right buyers? Either way, you don’t have to look far for the best walnut log buyers in Illinois. At Walnut Timber Buyers, we harvest your trees with efficiency and get you the best possible price for your standing timber or cut logs.

Currently, Walnut Timber Buyers serves landowners throughout Illinois and Missouri. We possess the skilled crews necessary to remove all timber from your land safely. Moreover, we have the industry connections to find you the best buyers for your timber. Together with harvesting and selling, we have come to be known as the leading timber buyers throughout the Midwest.

What is a Log Buyer Interested In?

Before you get ready to start selling your timber, you need to be aware of what log buyers are interested in. If you don’t have what they are looking for, then you must take a different route to sell your trees.

  • Bulk
    • Most walnut log buyers are interested in purchasing trees in large quantities. The time and money it takes for a timber buyer to transport their equipment to your property must be worth the investment. Your local or state foresters can take care of single tree removals.
  • Quality
    • It’s hard to know the quality of your trees before having someone come out and look. A company like Walnut Timber Buyers will send a professional to your land to inspect the health and maturity of each tree. However, don’t consider trees that aren’t at least 30 years old.
  • Species
    • There are different buyers for all species of tree. Log buyers will specialize in a few specific types, as they may have the most connections for adequately selling a certain type of wood. Walnut Timber Buyers, for example, will buy your walnut, black walnut and white oak trees.
Cut timber from Walnut Log Buyers in Illinois

Only the Best Timber Harvesting and Sales

For a multitude of reasons, Walnut Timber Buyers is considered one of the best walnut log buyers in Illinois. Due to our years of experience and incredible professionalism, our service can’t be matched by our competitors. By utilizing the Select Harvest method, we carefully collect the most valuable trees from your land. Moreover, with our extensive partnerships with importers and mills, we can find you the best price available for your timber.

Make a Sale Today

If you think you have something special in the walnut timber on your land, you know the walnut log buyers in Illinois to call. Contact Walnut Timber Buyers today at 309-369-9524. Also, we are located at 8727 Arenzville Rd. Beardstown, IL 62618.

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Timber Buyers. At this time we are only considering projects of 20 or more mature trees. For residential projects and projects of less then 20 trees, please contact your local tree service.